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Our Team

MAGGIE CLIFTON: Program Manager

Originally from Indiana, Maggie (she/her/hers) has a background that includes education, theatre performance and design, production management, (along with the requisite customer service and administrative positions that accompany the wearing of many hats).  She has served professionally in Boston, North Carolina, the Gulf Coast, and greater Washington DC regions.  She is grateful for the experiences which have allowed her the opportunity to engage with an incredibly diverse array of individuals, and the opportunity to curate a safe space that Builds Radically Affirming and Validating Environments.


Kris (he/him/his) brings both clinical and leadership experience to the BRAVE Alliance after serving northeast Indiana in areas of LGBTQ+ Mental Health, Child Welfare, HIV/AIDS, and Higher Education. 

CRISTINA SANCHEZ: Project Coordinator

A Fort Wayne native, graduate of South Side, lover of plants, books, music, and quiet time, Cristi (she/her) is a true helper by nature jumping in to assist with all the different projects run by DAC. Her calm and collected aura creates balance and adds harmony in times of chaos. She looks forward to spending time hanging with the youth at BRAVE and adding positivity to the safe space and community there.

Our services are in response to the needs of our community.   The Fort Wayne community still lacks equitable opportunities to live, work, and thrive for the LGBTQ+ community.  

Through funding provided by FSSA and the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addictions, the BRAVE Alliance is possible thanks to a Community Catalyst Grant.

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